Camping with Year 10

On Wednesday 31st August 146 eager Year 10 students and seven, arguably even more eager, staff arrived at school at 7:00am to begin making their way to Glastonbury Creek, west of Gympie. Much preparation had gone into ensuring that all would have enough warm bedding to endure the nights in the valley and that everything was packed and ready.
We arrived at Glastonbury Creek ready for adventure and unsure of what lay ahead, many were filled with trepidation at the thought of wrangling bugs and spiders and we were all hungry after the long trip. Over the three days the students took part in bush navigation, raft building, mountain biking, river crossing, abseiling, team challenges and more than one long hike. Some were tested physically, some emotionally, some grazed themselves and all of us had a wonderful time.
Year 10 students report that among “a lot of pretty cool stuff” the game of Lantern Stalk was their favourite but the best part was that the year level came together as a group. As the three days wore on, friendship boundaries were removed, new friendships were formed and the group began to work more cohesively.
Thanks must go to the staff who gave willingly of their time to enable this camp to happen. Thank you to Jacinta McKay, Lachlan Frazer, Stacey Thompson, James O’Sullivan, Frank Turtle and Brendan Taylor.

- Miss Danika Ehlers.