Catholic Education Week - Smoke Ceremony

During Chisholm’s assembly celebrating Catholic week APRE Mark Craig thought it would be exciting to have an Indigenous focus, after some conversions with the Indigenous staff members it was decided to have a whole school smoke ceremony. Chisholm’s local Elder Uncle Jeff worked on the ceremony with the assistance of our Indigenous students. It was a great opportunity to get dressed up traditionally and expose the whole school to an important Aboriginal ritual. Uncle Jeff speaks of the smoking ceremony as a blessing, cleansing the body, healing the body of bad spirits and illness. Smoking off of people is also a way to welcome to county. This ritual made Uncle Jeff and the Indigenous students really proud to be part of the school, this opportunity enabled the Indigenous people to have a deadly connection to country and the knowledge which is healthy for oneself. The girls and boys did wonderful work on this special day. They looked great in their tradition outfits, the flicking water and smoke as the whole student precession passed through, which was quiet a spectacle. Uncle Jeff was nearly brought to tears, so very proud of his indigenous children. Well done to Chisholm Catholic College staff and students for embracing this opportunity.
- Mr Adam Dolejs.