Check mate - Chisholm students win chess competition

From a simple Pawn on the board to the wininng team at the Brisbane High Inter-School Chess Tournament Chisholm students Cameron West, Oscar Hubbard, Noah Johnson and Liam Flyn proved they were no rookies. In a release from Mrs Nelia Manansala, she explains the road to success these young Chisholm students achieved in unfamiliar territory.

'Chisholm Catholic College Chess Team comprising Cameron West (Year 9), Oscar Hubbard (Year 8), Noah Johnson (Year 9) and Liam Flynn (Year 7) emerged as Team Champions (First Place Medalist) in the Brisbane High Inter-School Division B Chess Tournament  held at Anglican Church Grammar School last August 2, 2016.  Three individual ribbons of merit were also received by our players.  The tournament following the Swiss rules had about 200 participants from the Brisbane region and was completed in 7 rounds.  Ms Manansala coordinates the school's Chess Club with the Gardiner Chess Queensland Coordinator, Andrew Fitzpatrick.  "It's all about the tactics and not being greedy during the game.  It's also about the camaraderie to show their opponent how to learn from their mistakes."  Great learning beyond the classroom for thinking squares and winning fair and square!  A huge congratulations!  Thanks to Mr Macleod for supporting our team.'

Chisholm looks forward to seeing the progress of these young grandmasters and their success. Well done.

- Mr. Mark Mendez-Cortes with release from Mrs. Nelia Manansala.