Chisholm Alumni going places!

A graduating senior of the class of 1993, Matthew James Canavan has since left the gates of Chisholm to achieve great things. With a passion for politics and an invested interest in his Sunshine state, Matthew was elected into the Australian senate in the 2013 Federal Election representing Queensland,

Recently Matthew was appointed to 'Minister for Resources and Northern Australia' by the Hon. Prime Minister himself, Malcolm Turnbull. Full media release below.

"I am honoured to be appointed Minister for Resources and Northern Australia by the Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP.
It is a great privilege to be able to serve in Prime Minister Turnbull’s Cabinet in this capacity.
I pay tribute to my predecessors, the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP and the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP for their outstanding service in the resources portfolio.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP. It has been an honour to work alongside you and develop a close co-operative relationship during my time as Minister for Northern Australia.
As the only Senator based in Central Queensland and the first Cabinet Minister in Central Queensland since the 1970’s, this demonstrates the importance the Government places in the Northern Australia agenda.
I look forward to working closely with the Australian resources sectors as one of our most important contributors to our economic prosperity.  It will be vitally important to maintain a strong industry that can continue to provide secure and well-playing jobs for thousands of Australians.
I also look forward to continuing the work already underway to fully capitalise on the enormous potential of Northern Australia."
Chisholm is proud to have Matthew as a part of its community and wishes him the best for his prosperous political career.

- Mr. Mark Mendez-Cortes.