Chisholm STEMS to Adelaide Show

Teachers Nelia Manansala and John Cronin lead the path for dedicated young inventors at Chisholm Catholic College. Since January this year, these young inventors have been on a journey to success and more recently won FIRST place at the 2016 Royal Adelaide Show SMART City Competition.

Students, along with their mentors were warped in by skype to receive their award in front of a live audience in Adelaide. Proud mentor Nelia explains, "the awarding ceremony was held tonight at 6 pm Adelaide time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be there to receive our First Prize ribbon Chisholm Catholic College was awarded the prize via Skype and all the exhibitors and the competition judges were there to share that precious moment."

But their success didn’t stop there, 30 computers were awarded to the students as well as full registration key codes to STEM technology software packages. Mentor John Cornin explains "The young inventors are already planning their next projects. We can't wait to get parents and other members of the community involved".  

Nelia and John look forward to sharing the new resources with primary schools in the area to create a STEMSEL family. Mentors are overjoyed with the boosted confidence and inspiration this opportunity has given the students. Nelia passes on her thanks to the community, "Many thanks to all the parents for your patience, understanding and moral support and in allowing your child to stay back, work late, and forward my messages.  Your continued support is one key for improved outcomes of our team members".

Both Nelia and John look toward to pushing STEMSEL to its maximum potential and encourage the community to get involved in such an exciting time.

 - Mr Mark Mendez-Cortes