Chisholm Welcomes Madonna King

​​​​​On Wednesday 6th June, Chisholm Catholic College welcomed Madonna King, award-winning journalist, author and commentator to present her research, viewpoint and findings on Being 14. We were entertained with the classy Jazz music from our music students and enjoyed light refreshments that were served by our hospitality students.

Madonna painted a broad brush stroke of the landscape of what it means to be 14.  She highlighted key demands and issues for 14 year old girls including:
  • living in an epidemic of sleeplessness
  • living in an epidemic of anxiety
  • expectation inflation
  • negative impacts of social media
  • the feeling that 14 is a nothing year and can go from perfect to pathetic in a moment.
The main thing that 14 year old girls want from their parents is to be Listened to and Heard.
Madonna also suggested practical solutions and take always for parents.  These included:
  • Insisting on at least 9 hours of sleep each night.
  • ​Being aware of what is happening on Social Media:    

​-  use the apps that your child is using

​-  see how many friends they have (if they have 500 friends who also have 500 friends, they are potentially exposed and vulnerable to 250 000 people)
  •  Use the car/travel time to talk to your son/daughter.
We were delighted to have such a reputable speaker present at our College and look forward to asking her back for her presentation on Fathers and their Daughters.  Watch this space…