Confraternity 2019


This year Shalom College held the annual Confraternity rugby league carnival held in Bundaberg. As per usual the carnival was represented by 48 schools across all of Queensland. The carnival is the largest schoolboy rugby league competition in Australia and what makes the occasion special more than the sport itself, is the way players, officials, supporters and communities respond to such a special competition.  Over 1000 students ventured to Bundaberg with coaching staff and many parents there in support. Every year the local communities thrive with the support this carnival brings across the various locations in Queensland, this year was no different.

For Chisholm, we spent all of term 2 training and playing with St James College from Brisbane in the Titans Shield competition. This weekly training and playing provided an exceptional platform for the connection from both schools to reap the rewards. The Titans Shield was played, and a Grand Final was won against Keebra Park. This was the perfect set up for what we were hoping to be a fantastic week away for the chosen players.

The competition was played over the first week of the holidays and the effort, energy and commitment by all involved was a feat in itself. The week consisted of 2 games on Monday and Tuesday, rest day Wednesday and a game Thursday and Friday. 

Chisholm made is through to the Semi Final on Thursday, this was against Xavier College. There is always a game where things do not go quite our way and when you play against better opposition it often makes things harder to get back into the game. The conditions were extremely windy and we had it at our backs in the first half. We didn't capitalise on this as we should of and went into the half leading by 10-6 with a few opportunities squandered. When the second half arrived we made a few crucial mistakes in key areas and meant we were chasing the game throughout the half. This unfortunately was not enough and we lost 16-10. A hard lose to handle with so much success, however learning from a loss is more important than from a win. A challenge was set for 3rd and 4th play off on Friday morning.

The final day of the carnival which is the longest of days with an early 8:30am kick off against Chanel College. This was a hard fought game and both teams didn't want to lose. That was one of many aspects of this years Confraternity team that made things so special. They didn't want or accept losing. The final day was no different with a well deserved 16-12 win.

The week ended with 5 out of 6 games won and our 8 Chisholm students doing the college proud. The week even without a Grand Final win saw many successful outcomes. Our players were a pleasure to take away and with all bar Jacob who can attend Iona College next year. We are all hoping for bigger things to come in 2020. A big thank you must go to Mr Bottaccio and Mr Philpot for attending the whole week and Mr Luxton and Mr Taylor for coming up and staying two days. The support from many other staff too has to be congratulated too. Chisholm as a community has such a caring and nurturing focus and competitions such as Confraternity epitomise this to everyone here at Chisholm and watching.