ICAS Mathematics Competition Success

Each year students at Chisholm are encouraged to enter the ICAS Mathematics Competition. For over 30 years this competition has allowed students to test their maths knowledge against students from around the globe. This year over 1 million students from around the world participated in this prestigious event. Just to be invited to enter by  their teacher is an acknowledgment of a student’s problem solving skills.

This year Chisholm had over 60 students participating in the competition, with 5 students receiving certificates of distinction and another 11 students receiving certificates of credit. Congratulations to Cooper Wallace, James Pereira, Alex Watson, Cameron West, Daniel Fogarty, Zayah Morgan, Sajal Tyagi, Joseph Willis, Hunter Wheeldon, Aidan Knox, Andrey Lyubaev, Ryan Watt, Celine Paull, Troy Osborne, Alisha Hill and Oscar Targett.

Of particular note were Cooper Wallace (Year 12) and Oscar Targett (Year 7), who were jointly presented the Principal’s Award for achieving the highest score in the College.

Congratulations to all students who participated and we look forward to taking part in the competition again next year.