Jeff Horn Visits Chisholm for the Second Time

​Today Chisholm Catholic College students welcomed for the second time this year Jeff Horn (The Hornet) who presented a key message about taking positive action - Stepping forward and Standing Together to stop bullying.  Jeff raised awareness that bullying is complex and that the root cause of bullying often comes from insecurities and other issues going in in the bully’s life.  His message was echoed by his trainer Glenn Rushton who also stressed the importance of feeling safe at school and knowing how and where to seek support.  Glenn’s message of respecting yourself and others was also reinforced through our student Code of Conduct.  Some of our students were fortunate enough to chat with Jeff after the presentation.  He showed a genuine interest in our students and they represented themselves and the College exceptionally.

We are grateful for Jeff’s and Glenn’s time today! It is not every day that you get to spend the morning with a World Champion Boxer! We wish Jeff all the best for his fight against Anthony Mundine on 30th November, 2018 – Jeff will certainly have the support of Chisholm Catholic College!​