Knowledge, Adventure & Dirt...lots of dirt


Abbey Museum, an excursion filled with knowledge, adventure, and dirt… lots of dirt.

Early this term the year 11 Ancient History students embarked on an excursion to the Abbey Museum, where we were taught, first hand, about the struggles and joys of archaeology. When we arrived, we were shown around the facility, which had many interesting and amazing exhibits that taught us all about the Roman Empire. We also had the pleasure of viewing the Egyptian Exhibit, which helped us greatly as we are learning about Pharaonic Power and great rulers of Egypt this term.

Later in the day we went outside, where we were introduced to our archaeological dig. The instructor taught us the correct way to dig, and how to keep our site neat and clean. We were all apprehensive at first, but soon we began to find artefacts; pottery, jewellery, armour and even bones! This excited all of us, and we finished the dig successfully, unearthing our own little pieces of history.

The excursion to Abbey Museum was a great success. We learnt what it is like to be archaeologists, and the struggles and joys associated with the profession.

It was a wonderful trip. Thanks to all the staff and teachers involved.