Learning Support News

The Learning Support room is looking great at the moment after its refurbishment over the Christmas holidays.  The new furniture and new carpet, paint job etc. has been given a work out through first semester and is proving to be very functional. The students love it with its bright colours and interesting modern furniture.  Some of the year 12’s come during their spares and find it a great place to chill and catch up on work they have messed whilst at TAFE or other training.

Some students come in the morning to catch up on homework and others come up at the request of their Teachers during class time to get assistance with their study or assignments.  It has also been useful for meetings with Teacher Aides and others.  It has been used for the STEMCELL students and as a meeting place for the Opti-minds students. While on the Opti-minds, it is now started and the students are meeting to solve their problems.  We wish them luck as they as they work towards a winning solution. 

We have had a number of students complete the Cogmed program. Cogmed is a program that aims to assist students improve their working memory and focus.  You can get more information on the Cogmed website or by contacting the school.  There is also an information video on youtube.

Chisholm has an ESL Teacher for those who speak more than one language. If your child needs assistance or would just like some extra tutoring, Mrs Crilly is available from 8.30am to 4.00pm, including 2nd lunch, every Wednesday.   We also have a Speech pathologist who comes every Wednesday to work with students.

At present, looking for volunteers who might like to do reading with students.  If you would like to be involved or would like to find out more about Chisholm Learning Support please contact the school.​

- Mr. Tracy Coogan.