Mackillop House moving forward

MacKillop House is blessed to have St Mary of the Cross as our House Patron, we follow the example of a woman who heeded a call from God and lived a life dedicated to the service of others. The 8th of August is the feast day of St Mary of the Cross and in our House assembly on Monday 1st August we will celebrate as a House. The example we are given is a lofty example to follow and one we tie our House identity to, but sometimes, it can be easy to get lost in the great deeds of St Mary of the Cross. The focus of our House Assembly will be around a quote from a letter written by Mary in which she noted that “no deed is too small to go unnoticed”.

Members of the MacKillop community act with integrity and justice to build a sense of community and welcome, in keeping with our Catholic identity and the example of St Mary of the Cross. It is with this in mind that we will share stories and examples of seeing students in MacKillop, and the wider community seeing a need and doing something about it.

- Ms. Danika Ehlers.