Mission for Parer

Each and every year the staff and students of Parer House promote an environment of support, compassion and enjoyment through all aspects of College life. In honouring the character and life of Australian war time photographer Damien Parer, we aim to ensure that students live by the motto “Courage, Pride and Persistence”. We hope that our students have the courage to push themselves outside of their comfort zone in order to achieve to their capability. Pride is demonstrated in each individual’s own unique skill set and strengths, as well as in their personal character and the school environment. We aim to show persistence to not only aim up to ongoing challenges great and small, but to find ways to push through these difficulties with maximum effort and minimal fuss.

It is the goal for all students within Parer House to be able to achieve at school but also to enjoy their time, and this can be seen across a wide range of academic, social, sporting and cultural contexts. Pastoral Care groups help foster this feeling of community and togetherness, and collectively the House has demonstrated this through performances in Interhouse carnivals, participation in extra-curricular opportunities and of course in their interactions with each other. We look forward to 2016 continuing this tradition, and hope that we are all able to demonstrate Courage, Pride and Persistence in our day to day lives.​

- Mr. Lachlan Frazer.