Optiminds Sustainability & Creativity Challenge

​​​A massive congratulations for a job well done to the following:
  • Winner for Division III – Group 'Namer' which consists of Year 11 students Jasmine Neal, Natasha Schneider, Luke Turner and Angela Vanderwoude.  This group will represent Brisbane South region in the State Finals on October 12-13 at The University of Queensland.  More details will be advised soon.
  • ​ ​Honours Award in Division II went to Group WIZZ=(EJ)2 which consists of Year 7 STEM students Emily Clough, Jacqueline Lawler, Jay Johnston, Emily Stenzel and Makaylee Howarth. 
Some Division II team members presented to staff during the morning staff meeting last August 26 to share their experiences and the contraption they built.  I am very proud of these students for representing our school admirably during the competition held at John Paul College.  Massive thanks to Mr Bottaccio, to all the parents and other family members, and to Mrs Sanders, who all turned up and gave up their Saturday to show their moral support to our teams.  
Our school congratulates all our participants for being unashamedly excellent and for their resilience in coping with stressors along the way such as time restrictions.  Additional Optiminds members include:
  • Homo Sapiens - Duncan Fekete, Ella Marshall, Sean Rynne and Tom Stibbards
  • Chwizzolm - Noah Franzmann, Brady Gowlett, Jake Knox, Kevaan Sandanayake and David Lesaj
  • Owl Wizz-ards - Georgia Gough, Lillian Heath, Hannah Moore and Allisa Sanaviseth
I would also like to thank our veteran Optiminds members and student mentors Cameron West, Alex Watson, James Pereira and Oscar Hubbard, whose healthy blend of praise for achievement and suggestions for improvement proved highly constructive to the teams.

Ms Nelia Manansala
Academic Talent Development Co-ordinator