STEMSEL - Making History happen at Chisholm

Chisholm Catholic College students are using microcontrollers to code solutions to help solve complex and diverse global issues, preparing students with important skills for the future. 

In February this year staff and students from Chisholm Catholic College took part in a master class held on campus by Mr. Miroslav Kostecki, inventor of microcontroller software used with Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning system (STEMSEL).

Gifted and talented students initially worked with Chisholm teachers Nelia Manansala and John Cronin to actively explore microcontroller technology provided by eLabotronics. This technology is known to enable students to develop complex problem solving and higher order thinking skills. 

At Chisholm, we have established the first STEMSEL club with a social enterprising focus in Queensland in response to these favourable outcomes. Students are currently working on projects such as investigating the Mars rover mission. This club, initially designed for gifted and talented students, has now expanded its scope to include multiple student groups, including the learning support unit. Staff and students from the learning support unit report positive outcomes including improvements in fine motor skill and task engagement. An equal number of female and male students have been drawn to the program, another indicator of its success. 

With further Integration into all learning areas throughout the college, the unique inclusion of social enterprise makes STEMSEL different from conventional learning styles in Queensland. Chisholm Catholic College are the first in the state to house a STEMSEL learning hub. We are encouraging the inclusion of other schools and parents to be a part of this revolutionary learning experience.


- Mr. Mark Mendez-Cortes.

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