STEMSEL First at Royal Adelaide Show


The Chisholm Catholic College STEMSEL Academy recently won first place during the 2017 Royal Adelaide Show SMART City Challenge and presented their exhibit over Skype interview last September 6.  The team responded to a challenge that addresses the UNESCO priorities, use of STEMSEL technology and Dr Yunus Vision of 3 Zeros (Zero Net Carbon, Zero Poverty and Zero Unemployment).  11 students from Year 7 to 9 volunteered their time to design and to 3D-print a robotic hand and used their coding skills to program it using STEMSEL software. 


The team was judged by international judge, Dr Jerry Madakbas, Chairman and supplier of advanced imaging sensors (cameras) to the NASA Hubble Space Telescope, NASA ACE Explorer Satellite, and Cancer Research, and Mr John Phillips, STEM Task Force Manager at The Warren Centre of Advanced Engineering of the University of Sydney.


The team is working towards creating a prototype product of this project.