STEMSEL Inventors

BRAGG-ing About Australian Inventions

The UNSW Bragg Science Essay Competition is an annual challenge designed to encourage young science enthusiasts to write about Australian discoveries that inspire them.  The student prize for science writing celebrates the next generation of science writers and researchers who can write an essay for a general audience.

Two aspiring Science writers, Tamsin Schaefer and Sarai Blaxland submitted online entries recently and awaiting results.  Tamsin’s entry was on the invention of bionic ear in A Soundless Life while Sarai’s entry focused on Zinc Cream.  The task was to select a great Australian discovery or invention and describe, explain or discuss in 800 or less words, its impact for the world today and into the future.

Chisholm’s Science Department welcomes opportunities that models intellectual excitement and develops scientific literacy amongst our learners.  This is an initiative of UNSW Press and UNSW Science and Refraction Media as part of the Science Week celebration 2016.

- Mrs Nelia Manansala.