Sports Academy - Rugby

This year confraternity was held in Rockhampton by Cathedral college. This was our second year in this competition and our objective was to try and win every game and make the respective division final. At the end of the week the team achieved one out of the two goals and that was to make the final, this was through 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Rugby League at the college is getting stronger each year and this is a reflection of the team’s achievement this year. During the carnival we had numerous players who performed exceptionally well across the week these were in particular Eduard Barakat, Riley Coll, Ethan Beggs, Jimmy Steen and Patrick Pereira who received the Man of the Match awards across the week. It does however take a team to allow such players to achieve these awards, so all who were involved played a part in the College’s success and individual players recognition. 

This years carnival was a huge success and we are now seeing Chisholm Catholic College taking a grip on Rugby League. 2017 is held in Brisbane by Padua college, it is time to start building.  

- Mr. Andrew Poynter.