UQ Mathematics Summer School

​​​​The Queensland Mathematics Summer School was a program run at the University of Queensland for a week between the 8th – 13th of January. This program invited Year 10 students going into Year 11 that enjoy and are skilled in Mathematics. Together with Cameron West, Declan O’Kane and Bailey Rewita, I was given the chance to participate in this program, meeting like-minded individuals from schools all around the Brisbane area. During the program we were given a taste of what studying Mathematics at University might look like, as we were given lectures from two Mathematics professors. Throughout these lectures and tutorials, we were taught various topics of Mathematics in way that is very different to the way Maths is taught in high school as it required a lot more problem solving and thinking to complete the problems. Although the topics could become quite difficult, there were plenty of university students helping out with the program as tutors, which made learning the new ideas easier to understand. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that finds Mathematics enjoyable, as it’s a rewarding experience as you get to meet many other people just like yourself and see what a future in Mathematics might look like.

​​Alex Watson – Year 11