Year 7 & 8 Times Tables Challenge

​The last Friday of term 3 saw the wrap up of the Times Tables Challenge for Years 7 and 8 students. Across the course of the term all students in these grades were tested to see how well they knew their times tables and how quickly they could recall them. The challenge for all students was to answer 60 questions correctly within 90 seconds – quite a feat!

The Challenge concluded with a competition in which the class champions played off against each other to determine the overall grade champion. It gives us great pleasure to congratulate Jia Goa who defeated Kalan Ferguson in a hotly contested final for the Year 7 students. In Year 8, Rohan Naidu narrowly edged out a fast finishing Isobel McIntyre to claim the Year 8 title.

A highlight of this competition is to see the Year 7 champion challenge the Year 8 champion and, for the second year in a row, Year 7 proved triumphant. Well done Jia!

Congratulations to all students. There were over 120 certificates presented on the day which recognised students attaining the benchmark score (60 questions in 90 seconds), making significant improvement (> 40% improvement across the term) or being the class champion or runner up. The staff are to be commended on all the work they do in the preparation of each students and running the Challenge. It is a lot of work but the growth of the students definitely justify the effort involved. As we continually reinforce with the students, if we know our basic number facts then we can focus on the more complex concepts that high school mathematics involves.
​Year 7 Winners​

Year 8 Winners

Overall Winners