eSports - "Is playing video games a career?"


One of the most commonly asked questions with regards to eSports is β€œIs playing video games a career?".

Previously I have discussed investment from large sporting corporations and celebrities into the industry, but what does this mean for the individual competing? With any sporting club there is risk, and particularly in Australia with limited salaries successes can be extremely fruitful but short lived.

'Gold Coast Blaze' (2007-2012) was the Gold Coast's second hopeful bid into the National Basketball League (NBL) but their five-year attempt was short lived due to financial backing and limited attendance to live games. This led the club to shut down at the end of 2012. The Gold Coast was left with only the state representative (QBL) and the previous NBL team (1992-1996), the 'Gold Coast Rollers' which reduced income from competitive play for players.

The 2018 AFL premiership winners the 'West Coast Eagles' in 2017 were labelled the most profitable AFL Club. The club generated $5.4 million AUD and received an anticipated $2 million AUD from their premiership win. The total $1.21 million AUD premiership prize money was distributed to the club and $550,000 AUD was distributed to the 22 victorious players according to an article from 'the West Australian' quoting Chief executive Trevor Nisbett.

It is widely known that Australian sporting teams earn little by comparison to others in their discipline. When comparing Australian teams to franchises such as the 'New England Patriots' (NFL) who are an estimated $3.7 billion USD, the curve becomes tempting for players like Shane Heal (NBL), Aaron Mooy (Socceroo) and Valentine Holmes (NRL) to export their talents.

The '2018 Dota 2 International' in Vancouver invited players from all over the world to compete in their annual tournament. Without region restriction, teams competed for the highly sought-after prize pool and title. Team 'OG' consisted of five competitors from France, Finland, Denmark and Australia (Anathan Pham 'ana'). 'OG' took the 2018 title and their share of the $2,875,375.76 USD prize money.

Anathan Pham also known as 'ana' or 'OG.ana' in the Dota 2 circuit, has earned a total of $2,875,375.76 USD from 22 Tournaments in his career. Ana started his career debut at only 16 years old with his first win earning him $33.297.18 USD in Dota2. This ranked him 16th in the highest earning 16-year old competitors in the Dots 2 circuit. Now at 19 years old, Ana holds the record for the highest earning 18-year-old and is ranked second for the highest earning 17-year-old in the Dota 2 Circuit.

As with any competitive sport, competition brings risk as the stakes rise and your opponents become stronger. The Chisholm CHIEFS will be competing in the UQU 'Road to Ekka' Tournament this week and if successful will compete live on the Brisbane Ekka Stage.

Support your CHIEFS! 

Mark Mendez-Cortes

eSports Coordinator