Year 7 2024 Update

Dear Parents of Year 7, 2024,

We are looking forward to you joining our FAMILY and will endeavour to keep you informed and updated in the lead up to the Parent Information Evening, let alone the start of Year 7. We are committed to providing a welcoming start for your student/s, with preparations well underway.  

The Information Evening for parents of Year 7 for 2024 will take place on Tuesday, 12th September, at 6:00pm.  This session is for parents only (students are not required to attend).  This evening will provide information about the policies, procedures and everything pastoral to make your son/daughter's beginnings at Chisholm Catholic College as seamless as possible.

 We will take a roll on the evening and follow-up with families who are not in attendance.  We will assume that families not in attendance are withdrawing their acceptance of enrolment.

 To assist in providing relevant information, we invite you to complete the following form, identifying topics that you would like to know more about - CLICK HERE. Thank you to the parents who have responded thus far. 

We have planned an Orientation Day for Monday, 27th November. This day is specifically for students who will enter Year 7 in 2024. They will participate in a range of experiences that will help familiarise them with how our College operates.  Their Pastoral Leader and Year Level Leader are looking forward to meeting them, as well as their proposed Pastoral Care Teacher for 2024. On this day, students are asked to wear their current school uniform and hat. 

We ask that you drop your son/daughter at the College at 8:45am and pick them up at 1:30pm. 

​They will need to bring:
  • a notebook,
  • writing materials,
  • morning tea, lunch and a water bottle.

Uniform Proposal - 2024
Based on feedback from the community, we have been reviewing our Uniform offerings. Key considerations have been: simplifying uniform requirements, improving comfort and durability, and maintaining affordability. Some of the proposed changes were discussed at a PCA Meeting earlier in the year.

It is intended that the changes are phased in, commencing with Year 7, 2024. Any further changes would be articulated later this term with the release of the 2024 Uniform and Grooming Guidelines – this information would be provided at the Parent Information Evening. We will also advise you at that time as to when these items would be available for purchase – we understand that this would be around October.  

We are still exploring changes to the Girl's Formal Uniform. There is interest to include a dress, but we want to ensure that the final selection aligns with the skirt, blouse, shorts and pant options. Updates on this would be communicated during 2024 – again, there would be a phased introduction.

Click on the following link to offer your feedback. Should you have any questions, please email me at

Uniform Proposal – 2024 (Closes Monday, 14th August)

If you have any questions prior to the Parent Information Evening or Orientation Day, please do not hesitate to contact via email: Please check out our College website to find out more about Living Christ's Challenge, as well as viewing our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you are withdrawing your son/daughter's acceptance of enrolment with us, please contact Louise Czislowski ( We currently have students on the 'Waiting List' and would want to make contact with them should a place become available.


Kind regards,


Damian Bottaccio / Principal
Chisholm Catholic College
P O Box 3078, Loganholme 4129
07 3209 0700 / Email:
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