Caroline Chisholm Mosaic

​Our students arrived at school, this week, to be greeted by the beautiful mosaic of Caroline Chisholm which was co-created by staff, Year 7 students and artist, Susan Keavney.  This began on the Year 7 Retreat Day several months ago.

 Susan wrote about the design:
  • The first thing I included is Caroline standing on a dirt road (ochre/brown tile) representing her extensive travelling. 
  • The sky is a beautiful dark royal blue with the Southern Cross quite prominent with the link to the school crest.
  • Roadsides will be oranges, red/burgundy, purple - representing the landscape of goldfields and mountain ranges in both NSW and Victoria.
  • Green and brown tiles are added for balance of the landscape – but also represent the Australian bush.
  • Her dress is a dark grey and headpiece as seen in most images is light grey and white.
  • Lighter blue tiles represent the seas.
We are very proud of the mosaic and in the longer term, we hope to install a sign next to the mosaic. ​​​