Chisholm Catholic College Board

​​​​School Boards were established primarily as a response to requests by parents to be more active participants in Catholic Schooling. Today they are available to each Catholic education community in Queensland and provide a structure and process for genuine partnership in planning and decision making involving the key members of these communities.

The existence of boards as components of the governance of Catholic schools is a good and desirable phenomenon, reflective of (among other things) the basic value of participation embedded in any real understanding of governance, and certainly in any Catholic comprehension of that concept.

The governance of Catholic schools reflects the reality of Catholic education as a partnership between Catholic schools and – crucially – parents.

Recent developments in education at state and national level in Australia have challenged Catholic schools to ensure that they develop and maintain forms of leadership which will support the educational mission of the Church well into the future. Within the Church the changing face of Catholic parishes and schools calls for courageous and visionary leadership.

Boards of Catholic schools are communities of leaders who share in the educational and pastoral leadership responsibilities of principals of schools. The experience of board members over the last twenty years reveals that, far from being an onerous task, service on a Catholic education board has been a occasion for personal and community growth in faith, spirituality and understanding of the vision and mission of Jesus and of Catholic education, and the particular school community they serve. 


Our Members

Board Chair – Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas is currently Board Chair and the General Manager of a global industrial products company. Scott has over 18 years’ experience as a global executive with strong business acumen and proven leadership skills in achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within start-up, business turnaround and rapid change environments. Scott is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and believes strongly in delivering strategic initiatives and governance for the continued growth of Chisholm for current and future students and staff.


Board Secretary – Mark Brookfield

Mark worked in retail with Myers for 6 years and was promoted to department Manager for 3 years. He was also the National Sales and Marketing Manager, Photo Mounts and Albums for 6 years (wholesale photographic supplies). He has completed a Marketing Diploma with Lorraine Martin College and started his own wholesale business (wholesale photographic supplies) 23 years ago. Mark was on the school board with St. Matthews for several years. He also set up Flexischools online tuckshop ordering for St. Matthews Primary after working in the tuckshop for a year, every Friday morning and set up and managed 2x School Discos for St. Matthews. Mark is a Logan Honorary Park Ranger and a Committee Member on board of CCQ (Queensland Caravan Clubs) membership of 32 caravan clubs. With his 35 years of marketing experience, Mark wanted to contribute to the College in a meaningful way and assist with strategic decisions for the future.

Board Member – Ian Rub


Our Sub Committees

Building and Planning

The role of the building sub-committee, as an adjunct to the College Board, is to develop a list of priorities for the next 10 year period for the purpose of informing a new Building Master Plan for the College. This new Master Plan is to be drawn up in 2019-2020 and will be based on discussion within the College Community and feedback from the College Parent Community, which was sought following the sub-Committees first meeting on March 19 of this year.  



The Finance Subcommittee meets in the week prior to each Board Meeting.  The Committee is comprised of the Board Chair, the Business Manager and the Principal of the College.  The Finance Subcommittee creates transparency for the community around the College budget and how funds are spent.  At each meeting, the budget document is analysed to see how the College is travelling financially at that stage of the year.  All aspects of the budget are tracked.  This is presented to the Board for their information and input.  Information is sought on fees and levies for the following year and information is also given to Board members which ensures they are aware of the financial needs of the Chisholm community.


Learning & Teaching

The role of the Sub Committee is to allow expert input from the Chisholm Community to help review and shape our Learning and Teaching policies and procedures.  It is involved in analysis of new issues and is currently exploring methods for preparing students for the future, especially the  introduction of the New Senior System in 2019.




The Marketing Committee comprises the Board Secretary, Principal of the College, the College Registrar, the College Receptionist and Assistant to the APs.  We also have parent input from those who work in the Marketing field and value this input very highly.  Marketing ideas are tabled at each meeting and where possible actioned prior to the next meeting.  Items of interest, about which a press release may be written are identified and pushed out to the local and wider media.  This committee also looks at wider marketing and marketing of significant events in the College.  This committee is a vital cog in the functioning of the College.