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The middle years of schooling is the most dynamic and vital time in the development of our students. Middle school focusses on developing students who have a strong sense of justice, whilst also creating an environment that is both thought-provoking and inspiring.  This we believe will allow us to best equip our students for future learning and the challenges they may face later in life.

Chisholm College’s middle school program supports student growth and development through the implementation of an appropriately challenging curriculum.  This curriculum engages the learner by looking at real world issues that have a direct impact upon their lives. 


Middle School subjects

Chisholm College offers a range of courses in the middle years:


Middle School learning support

We know that students have different styles of learning and a wide range of abilities.  For this reason teachers have a primary focus to strive for students to experience success, regardless of individual ability levels. This means that student are supported, extended and enriched based upon their natural abilities and performances in class.  As a team, teachers focus on individual learners and are informed by each student and their experiences in the classroom using collaborative and reflective teaching practices. 

In addition, Chisholm Catholic College is especially focused on active engagement in our classrooms by increasing hands on learning; collaboration and emphasis on higher order thinking.  The combination of all these practices creates a community of interdependent learners, collectively striving towards achieving goals and realising their potential.