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 Learning Support

The philosophy of a Catholic school like Chisholm Catholic College is inclusion and justice for all students regardless of whether they have a learning difficulty or not.

In line with this, the Learning Support Department at Chisholm helps all students reach their potential. Currently the Learning Support Team consists of one full-time teacher, one part-time teacher, and 14 Teacher Aides.

We support students in the classroom by working with the classroom teachers, with the team coming into the classroom and helping those students having difficulty. We support students outside the classroom by meeting with students on an 'as needed' basis or with regular withdrawal from normal classes.

We support not only those with learning difficulties and verified disorders but also those students who may be gifted in certain areas. We also support the enrolment process for those students with special needs and develop individual education programs for those with verified disorders or disabilities.

Programs co-ordinated by the Learning Support Team include, Volunteer Parent Reading Program, an ESL Support Program for those from non-English speaking backgrounds and Optiminds, an interschool problem solving competition and STEM - Science, Technology, English, Maths.


Language and Literacy

Language and literacy are important skills needed for success at high school. 

For those students who are verified with a Speech Language disorder, Brisbane Catholic Education offers a Speech Pathologist who can offer the school advice on reports and also conduct assessments. Chisholm aslo employs a Speech Pathologist for one day a week.

In Year 8 we may offer your child an alternative to the Language Other Than English subject by involving them in a program designed to keep your child in touch with the curriculum. We also have a volunteer reading program whereby parents can volunteer to do reading with students. 


English as a Second Language

We are committed to providing education that includes all students’ language, cultural and religious backgrounds. We have many students who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. For many of these students, English will be a second or additional language to their home language.

English as a Second Language (ESL) students are a diverse group. They are usually:

  • learners newly arrived to Australia
  • learners of migrant heritage, born in Australia
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who speak traditional languages, creoles or dialects

Our ESL program assists these students to acquire English language proficiency necessary to achieve learning outcomes at a level comparable to and consistent with their overall general ability. Chisholm Catholic College has an ESL Teacher who comes to the school once a week to work with students and other support staff are also available through the normal support processes.​