Parents and Community Association

Welcome to our Catholic Community,

We hope that your experiences with us will be enriching and fruitful. Chisholm's Parents and Community plays an important role in the College, as it is a primary interface between parents and the College; it’s certainly not focused only on fundraising initatives. Our main objectives are to develop maximum co-operation between parents and school staff and to provide a medium for information and participation of parents with the College.

Parents and Community meetings include: 

  • 60 minute discussions on directions for the College and Parents can be involved.

  • Contributions from members of the Parents and Community.

  • Members are to be consulted on and become aware of spending and management decisions undertaken by and on behalf of the Parents and Community.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise notified by the news section on the College Website). Parents are ALWAYS welcome to attend meetings; the aim is to have the meetings inclusive and friendly, with a constructive and positive approach.

If you are interested in joining  the Parents and Community Association to either contribute or just to learn more about the College please note the meeting dates in your diary.