Audio Visual and Technology Club

The Audio Visual and Technology Club (AVT Club)
The CCC AVT Club is designed to assist students to learn how to organise, edit, and produce audio, video, and other technological applications.  This hands-on extracurricular club meets once a week so students can use up-to-date technologies to learn new skills and develop creativity in the areas of Film and Media, Information Technology and Journalism.
The club is also responsible for the Colleges Film and Audio equipment along with other valuable technologies and film and report on special College and SECA events.
The Robotics Club
Lego Robotics is a fun and exciting way for students to work in a co-operative and supportive learning environment which helps in the development of teamwork and technical skills.
We compete in the University of Queensland RoboCup Competition and the Maryborough Technology Challenge for Robotics. We foster a collaborative learning environment in which students work together to build, program and test their robots in a wide range of challenging tests.  The Robotics Club and the RoboCup Competitions are available to both junior and senior students.
The Game Design Club
We offer an extracurricular club that allows students to learn to develop their own computer games. They explore Game Design and 3D modelling to develop the necessary skills to become creators rather than consumers of gaming technology.
Our students learn advanced skills in the areas of game design and learn a range of skills such as:
·       3D Modelling using 3Ds Max
·       3D Animation using 3Ds Max
·       3D Printing using the UP! Plus 2
·       Game Design using Unity 3D
·       Programming using JavaScript and C#