Chisholm Catholic College has gone from strength to strength with our Indigenous focus and we now have one of the most successful Indigenous school programs in Brisbane Catholic Education.
We have, as a College, adopted a Local Elder of this land - Uncle Jeff, which is truly amazing.  Uncle Jeff knows a lot about Aboriginal culture; painting, dance, food, language and spirituality.  He has offered to teach our students this culture which we are very blessed and grateful to receive.  Few, if any other school and students have such access to a local Elder every week.  The students and staff have embraced Uncle Jeff and we are gaining some unique knowledge from his teachings.
Chisholm fully support and regularly invite Aboriginal Cultural Tutors from our BCE Indigenous partners, Ngutana-Lui, who offer lessons in Aboriginal culture. Ngutana-Lui continue to teach our school in many different areas, including; boomerang throwing, weaving, Indigenous games, spirituality and about native foods, tools and art.  The tutors who know a lot about Aboriginal culture have taught nearly 24,000 students in Brisbane last year alone.
Chisholm also has several excursions and camps for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students that have a strong Indigenous focus.  We run Cultural camps to Moreton and Stradbroke Islands, a camp to the Garma Festival Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory and excursions to Ngutana-Lui in Inala, St Stephen's Cathedral in the city and Employment Expos all over Brisbane.
One of the many ways we support our Indigenous students at Chisholm Catholic College is through QATSIF.  This is now o​ur fifth year as a QATSIF school.  This funding enables our senior Indigenous students to receive scholarships, helping them financially which furthers their opportunities to enjoy great success at our school.  Over this time, we have had 100% of our Indigenous students graduate with a Year 12 certificate and go on to exciting career paths.
Indigenous and non-Indigenous students at Chisholm Catholic College have the option to benefit from the oldest continuous culture to every have existed, helping us all to have a better understanding of the wonderful world we can live in.