Music & Extra-Curricular Program in Music

Music performance is an integral part of the College’s co- and extra-curricular program. Performance across the College includes musicals, drama performances, ensemble, band and individual performances at College assemblies, College Open Day, Chisholm Day, Awards Night, Creative Arts Night and Liturgies. As well, ensembles and bands perform beyond the school in a wide range of community events such as festivals, competitions, feeder primary schools, etc.

Currently the College offers band and ensemble extra-curricular activities before and after school. String Ensemble, Rock Bands, Vocal Ensemble, Drum Line are some of the extra-curricular activities. These ensembles and bands are offered free of charge to all students. Although it is not compulsory that students involved in these ensembles are part of the instrumental program, it is encouraged that students consider taking opportunity in instrumental tuition so to enhance their performing skills.

Students who engage in performance reap benefits which may assist them far beyond their years at the College. Performance in music and drama may foster social interaction through group rehearsals, tolerance and respect for student talents and skills and may enable memory development and concentration, physical coordination and self-discipline through the art of practice. Most importantly, performance develops creative thinking and encourages students to think outside the box in resolving problems as they arise through the rehearsal process.

 It is an expectation that students commit to their selected ensemble, just as for any team activity. Most rehearsals take place before school and after school and some lunch times as required.