Chisholm Catholic College Board

​​​​School Boards were established primarily as a response to requests by parents to be more active participants in Catholic Schooling. Today they are available to each Catholic education community in Queensland and provide a structure and process for genuine partnership in planning and decision making involving the key members of these communities.

The existence of boards as components of the governance of Catholic schools is a good and desirable phenomenon, reflective of (among other things) the basic value of participation embedded in any real understanding of governance, and certainly in any Catholic comprehension of that concept.

The governance of Catholic schools reflects the reality of Catholic education as a partnership between Catholic schools and – crucially – parents.

Recent developments in education at state and national level in Australia have challenged Catholic schools to ensure that they develop and maintain forms of leadership which will support the educational mission of the Church well into the future. Within the Church the changing face of Catholic parishes and schools calls for courageous and visionary leadership.

Boards of Catholic schools are communities of leaders who share in the educational and pastoral leadership responsibilities of principals of schools. The experience of board members over the last twenty years reveals that, far from being an onerous task, service on a Catholic education board has been a occasion for personal and community growth in faith, spirituality and understanding of the vision and mission of Jesus and of Catholic education, and the particular school community they serve.