Pastoral Care

​​​​​​​The welfare of our students is important to establish an effective learning environment. We build positive relationships with them and the College also places high importance on the value of communication between the school and home. Parents are encouraged to contact the College through members of the House pastoral team to discuss ways we can work with them to support their children.

 Please see here for our Student Behaviour Matrix​.

The House System

Pastoral Care at Chisholm Catholic College is based upon a vertical house system which supports students’ welfare and behaviour management as well as providing opportunities for intra-school cultural and sporting competitions. 

At the head of these houses is The Pastoral Leader who is the primary point of contact for support of students and families.

Students are in the same House and Pastoral Care Group while they are at Chisholm. The six Houses are:

  • Flynn – named after the founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, John Flynn

  • MacKillop – named after Australia’s first Saint, Saint Mary of the Cross MacK​illop

  • Namatjira – named after the famous Aboriginal artist, Albert Namatjira

  • Oodgeroo – named after Oodgeroo of the Tribe of Noonuccal, the famous
    Aboriginal poet

  • Parer – named after Damien Parer who served as a Catholic war correspondent and photographer

  • Mitchell - named after Dame Roma Mitchell, Australia's first Queen's Counsel.  A proud Catholic who advocated for the rights of others.


Guidance Counselling Services

The safety and wellbeing of our community is of the upmost importance.  Our Guidance Counsellors provide support to students, families and College staff through whole school initiatives, targeted group interventions, and individual support.  They work collaboratively with various teams across the College to maximise positive engagement, participation and learning.  The Guidance Counsellors aim to provide a safe and caring environment where a person is able to discuss challenges and develop positive strategies and beliefs in order to achieve personal success.
Counselling support can be accessed through referrals from teachers, families or students.  Most students in high school are considered to be able to provide their own informed consent and brochures are available with more details from the Guidance Counsellors.  Information discussed in counselling sessions is kept private and confidential;  however there are limits to this confidentiality.  Information may be shared if there are concerns about a risk of harm or as a legal requirement.  Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection processes will be followed.
Sometimes, when dealing with a student, a counsellor may find it necessary to recommend a referral to a specialist outside of the school setting.  This may be when the young person is in need of further assessment or more sustained ongoing care is needed.  Members of the Chisholm community can contact the Guidance Counsellors either by phone or email.  Students can contact the counsellors either through the Student Reception, their Pastoral Leader, their parents or by contacting the Counsellor directly.

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