Middle School

​​​​​​​Our Middle Schooling Philosophy

At Chisholm Catholic College we understand EDUCATION.  We acknowledge that the Middle School (Years 7 – 9) is the most dynamic and vital time in the development of students.  We know that our adolescents are currently going through a time of change, not only in their lives, but also in an increasingly complex world. 

Our Middle School will not only support student growth and development, but ensure organisation and implementation of high level curriculum.  Our Middle School curriculum has been developed to ensure the engagement of the learner by looking at real world issues that have a direct impact upon their lives.  Adolescence is where attitudes, values and habits are formed and can impact greatly on future schooling and career choices as well as life in general.

Chisholm Catholic College is especially focused upon active engagement in our classrooms by increasing the hands-on learning; collaborating with one another and placing greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills. Our team of teachers are committed to making sure that this is one of our main priorities whilst working with our young adolescent learners.

WE BELIEVE that every student can learn, we believe that an engaging curriculum is the best pastoral care.  WE BELIEVE that each student learns differently and at a unique rate of attainment of knowledge skills and concepts.  WE BELIEVE teachers are best informed about their learning through feedback, that students’ progress in their Zone of Proximal Development through feedback and that improvement in outcomes is best facilitated through engagement, connections and acting on feedback.  This means that we will reflect on the ultimate purpose of each unit of work, and whether this has directly influenced or contributed to student growth, development and achievement.  Teachers will plan collaboratively for LEARNING, taking each student where he/she needs to go NEXT, rather than planning for TEACHING.  

​​Middle School Subjects

Curriculum Year 7:

​​​​​​Year 7 students will experience one Elective subject per term to provide them with a broach education.  Students may undertake subjects they did not do in primary school.

In choosing subjects, we encourage students to either pursue their interests or strengths.  A prominent message in later year lievels is - Choose subjects that you are interested in, choose subjects that you are good at and choose subjects that may be required for future study, therefore, students are now asked to Specialise in their choice of elective subjects.

​​​Curriculum Year 8:

Specialisations are courses for you to focus on specific skills, interests and abilities within Key Learning Areas and are designed for you to deepen your learning with a subject area and across the curriculum.  Specialisations may assist with future pathways and subject pre-requisites.

Year 8 Specialisations are a term-based course of study and students need to choose at least one from The Arts and one from the Technologies courses.

Please see here for Year 8 subject offerings in 2024​​​.

Curriculum Year 9
​Please see Year 9 Subject Handbook 2024​​​​​​ ​for detailed information for each subject.