Student Leadership

At Chisholm Catholic College student leadership is based on the model of servant leadership and service to others as demonstrated by Jesus. Servant leadership promotes the well-being of all people in our community and prepares students to take their place in society.

Our students are offered many opportunities to develop leadership skills in various ways through academic and social/emotional learning and co-curricular activities. Student leadership is developed from Year 7 through to Year 12. The keys to our program are relationships, personal development and the skills necessary to form and maintain teams. Teamwork is fundamental to the workplace of the 21st century, and our students embrace co-operative learning with enthusiasm.


Student Leadership Opportunities

In Year 9 there are College Vice-Captain, House Vice-Captain and Committee Deputy Leader positions. In Year 12 there are College Captain, House Captain and Committee Leader Positions. 

From Years 7 to 12 there are designated positions which include being a representative on one of our six committees:

  • Mission - supporting the faith life of the student community in liturgy, ritual and outreach and taking responsibility for supporting connections with the wider community.

  • Student Support – focussing on academic performance, peer support and peer mentoring (such as Friday breakfasts, lunchtime activities and integrating new students).

  • Stewardship - supporting social justice projects and directing students’ attention towards environmental action (such as Clean Up Australia Day, recycling programs and having input about the College grounds).

  • Approaches to Learning - supporting the academic life of the College, promoting and supporting academic competitions, facilitating the Scholars' Assemblies.

  • Sport - The Sport Committee will support the sporting life in the College. They will be active in helping with and organising all sporting activities including carnivals, lunchtime sport and SECA sports.

  • Cultural - supporting the cultural activities offered at the College, including the Musical and Creative Arts Night as well as helping with other activities around the College.