About Us

​​​​Pope Francis has said “to educate is an act of love, it is to give life. And love is demanding. It calls for using the best resources, for awakening passions and for great patience …Young people are in need of quality teaching, together with values not just enunciated but witnessed”.

Chisholm Catholic College is a school which displays the deeper meaning of a Catholic Education – the hig​hest standard of academic excellence, pastoral care and opportunities to shine – which will lead your child to a bright tomorrow, full of hope and promise.

Our College provides a Catholic education, not just an education for Catholics. We set high expectations of self-discipline and self-motivation for our students. We work in partnership with  the home environment as we strive to give students what they need to flourish at school and be successful in their global future.

Our College is a bright and vibrant faith community. Our mission to ‘Live Christ’s Challenge’ clearly sets out for us a path of pursuit. As a College community we pursue learning, faith, love, kindness, justice and integrity. To ‘Live Christ’s Challenge’ means not to be superior to others but to be superior to oneself, to recognise that the best of you lives inside you and there is more you can be.

Chisholm Catholic College understands education. We know how to cater for the needs of different learners, how to extend exceptional learners and how to support students who require additional assistance.

Our College recognises that for a successful tomorrow, our young people need a core belief, a sense of hope, opportunities to shine, to be recognised and extended…And then they will flourish. Our signature, however, will be what the students of Chisholm do as a result of the values they learnt here at our school. Will we send young people of integrity out into the wider world? Young people who have achieved their best, who have self-confidence, a sense of justice, a recognition of the needs of others, care for the earth, possess an ability to think critically and act wisely, and love their fellow human beings? It’s a tall order, but we think we can do it!

If you have any questions about how your family could fit into the Chisholm Catholic College family, we’d be delighted to speak with you.