​​​​​​​​​​When is the best time to submit an Application for Enrolment for Year 7 enrolments?

​​The College accepts Applications for Enrolment when students are in Year 4.  Interviews for Year 7 enrolments are conducted when students are in Year 5.


​How do I submit an Application for Enrolment?

The College's preferred option is by the Online Application form.​  However, if you are unable to submit an online application, please contact the College Registrar.


​​What are the College fees?

Year 7-9, 2024 - $5,522
Year 10-12, 2024 - $5,830​
Fees include College levies, textbook hire and laptop program.  Further information regarding fees can be found here​​​​.


How many students are enrolled at Chisholm Catholic College?

Current enrolments at the College is 980 students.​


Does the College only enrol Catholic students?

No.  The College is open to all who want to share its educational goal, inspired​​ by Christian principles.  Preference is given to students who are baptised Catholic and attend a Catholic primary school.  All students are required to study Religious Education and are expected to participate fully in the Religious life of the College.


​What are the class sizes?

Up to 29 in Years 7-9, and up to 27 in Years 10, 11 & 12.  Many classes are very small, especially in elective subjects.


​How are parents kept informed of their child's homework and assessment?

Our parents are kept up to date on their child's progress through Chisholm Plus.  Chisholm Plus provides frequent communication to parents to let them know the homework that their child is expected to complete and any assessment that their child has coming up.  Chisholm Plus also acts as an "Open Mark book" allowing parents to check their child's progress on assessment tasks and Approaches to Learning.

What is the homework commitment required from the students?

  • Year 7-9 students - 4.8 hours per week
  • Year 10 students - 10 hours per week
  • Year 11 & 12 - 15 hours per week
Students should establish homework routines around sport, leisure and family time.  Students should always remain focused in class and use class time wisely, so that revision and study can be done at home.

What opportunities are available if my child requires extra assistance in a subject area?

A number of subject areas offer free tutoring to students either before or after school. Students may participate, as they need, in free tutoring for Maths, Science, Humanities and English.

If a student ever requires assistance in any area, they should always ask their teacher for help.

What extra-curricular activities can my child participate in?

The College offers a number of co-curricular activities for students including Drumline, String Ensemble, Rock Band and Dance Troupe in Performing Arts.  Sporting Excellence and Development Academy offers - Basketball, Soccer, Netball and Rugby League.  Visual Arts runs an Arts & Craft club and we also have a Games club during lunch time.  Students can participate in Library activities such as the Junior or Senior Book Club.

Where can I purchase the College Uniform?

College uniforms are purchased from The School Locker located in the Loganholme Harvey Norman Centre, 3892 Pacific Highway, Loganholme.  The School Locker is open 7 days a week to assist you with the College uniform requirements.

Where can I purchase second-hand uniforms?

Second-hand uniforms can be bought and sold through the Sustainable School Shop (www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au/) .  The Sustainable School Shop is an online second-hand trading system, allowing you to list items, buy items and search for wanted items.


What languages are available to study?

Japanese and Spanish.


Does the College have a laptop computer program?

Yes.  When students commence at the College they are provided with a College owned laptop, which is updated in Year 10.  On exiting the College, the laptop must be returned.

​What are the College start and finish times?

Start:​    8.30am
Finish:  2.55pm

What bus services are available to and from the College?

The College runs two bus services servicing the Rochedale/Springwood/Daisy Hill/ Shailer Park areas and the Mount Cotton/Redland Bay areas.  For more information - see here​.
Other bus services are available through Translink services - see the Translink website for specific details - www.translink.com.au​/travel-with-us/school-travel​