​​The Chisholm Catholic College Basketball Academy is a program designed to build and breed a culture based on commitment, professionalism and work ethic. Players are held to a high standard and are encouraged to excel both on and off the court; when players become part of this culture, a culture of winning comes along with it.

The SEDA Basketball program is led by Mr Zac Dunfee, who has been playing the sport for over 18 years at club, Division 1 Rep, Regional and State levels. After playing specialised Basketball Academy in the US and Div 1 College Basketball in Canada, he has returned to Australia to continue a coaching career of over eight years, including school, club and representative teams.

The Basketball program takes a holistic approach to the development of the students, pushing them academically, as well as providing them with sport specific information such as correct nutrition, recovery, resilience and injury prevention. 

The goal of the Basketball Academy is not just to win games, competitions and championships, but to prepare students to have a successful life outside of school –  using the education, skills and other attributes learned through basketball –  in whatever path they choose.

The SEDA Basketball teams participate in a range of competitions, including:
  • ​Pacific District Rivers Championship Days
  • Metro & Gold Coast Finals
  • Champion Schools of Queensland
  • The Gold Coast Invitational
  • National Championships

If your son or daughter would like to be part of our Sporting Excellence & Development Academy, please contact the college directly on (07) 3209 0700 or at